Monday, 14 January 2013

Something Right in The World

So, about a month ago now (give or take), Genn and I were talking about just how ... dark things were getting in our lives. We've been holding on to anger and seeing far too many unhappy things in the world.

And then, she saw the Project for Awesome from the Vlogbrothers. Now, none of us are videographers (and I for one am far from photogenic) and we're not so well-heeled. Even so, we wanted to do something, for lack of a better term, to decrease worldsuck (Green Brothers term, not mine).

So, as part of the new year, we're going to occasionally bring you what we're doing to act locally and make lives a little better. Or to show you things that other people have done to make someone's day just a little better.

To that end, I bring you this:

This is a real receipt from someone's real visit to Red Robin. I read this article about it and it made me smile, especially since there have been other receipt messages in the news that have not been nearly so sweet or so positive in recent weeks.

Now, before this discussion devolves into something like this, please note that in the article the above receipt was from, the restaurant staff and the woman had been having a joking conversation before this about how this might be her last meal before she gives birth. No assumptions were made in the making of this Karma.

Receipts have been for some time now a means of alternate communications between customers and staff; often vapid, sometimes hurtful, occasionally passive aggressive. They've been used to pass phone numbers. And sometimes, in the case of the above, to pass on something positive: a wish for luck and happiness from one stranger to another.

Good show, Red Robin. Keep on keeping it classy.

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  1. Thank you for this. Sorry for the delayed reply (Monday was a travelling day). So happy that we're going to be getting some good Karma on Mondays :) You rock!