Friday, 31 May 2013

What I'm Reading: Um . . . . I can't really talk about it . . .

Lately, I've been catching up on my work related reading. I've been reading lots of stuff that doesn't come out yet for a while and friends' manuscripts. Because my focus has pretty much been exactly like this . . .

. .  . when not reading things for work or friends. . . I've kind of been doing what this puppy is doing. I mean, harassing your image in a mirror is kind of underrated, right? So, I'm afraid my reading post is going to be on the short side.

I can tell you about the next book I'm going to pick up as soon as I clear my reading decks. Are you ready? It's been siren calling my name for about a month now . . . In The Shadow of Blackbirds. This book looks AMAZING! And yes, I used caps, but I'm telling you I think this book deserves those caps.

In the Shadow of  Blackbirds is set in America during World War I. The Spanish Flu Epidemic is sweeping the world, causing everyone to go out in public wearing masks for fear of contracting the flu. Men are being sent to die on the front lines in Europe. Neighbors fear each other and accuse each other of being German spies. The world is ravaged by death and seances, spirit photos and other ways of contacting or understanding the great beyond become crucial for mourners seeking solace. Mary Shelly Black, our narrator, is an orphan who doesn't believe in the great beyond, seances, etc. That is until her childhood sweetheart, killed on the front lines in Europe, returns to her as a ghost.

(Seriously, do you have shivers yet?? I do!)

The feel of this book is so modern and so post-apocalyptic it's hard to believe it's historical at times. I mean that in the best possible way.  I've read the first few chapters and I was gutted to have to put this book down to pick up some other projects. But I know it's waiting for me. Taunting me. Just out of reach.

I can't wait.

What about you? Are any books siren calling your names? Let us know in the comments!

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