Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Jane Austin Chiffon Cupcakes with Green Bean Cranberry Frosting (?!)

Okay, this is just too sweet not to share:

I've become a ... well, lets say rabid fan wouldn't be too far off. I am a HUMUNGOUS Austen fan and I love quirky takes on classics, so this is right up my alley. This version of Elizabeth feels ... right in the modern setting. And I love the bit about the green-bean-cranberry jello (watch them all, you'll see what I mean).

Things have been heating up. Last Monday, Darcy (!) finally made an appearance at the end as a teaser and even though anyone who has read the books knows what's coming next, I was biting nails until this one came out:

AND THEN, this Monday, we have this:

::sighs:: The Letter.

SQUEEE!! (I don't do that often, by rule. That and I hate loud, high pitched noises, but I reserve them for goofy things like this. ;) )

So please enjoy this cupcake of Austinesque goodness.

Genn, Jenny, what do you think? See you Friday, Jenny!


  1. I love the LBD so very much! I was a bit dubious as I'm not a big fan of modern adaptations, but this is just sheer genius and always makes me smile. Sigh. And sometimes squee!

  2. It's a really good adaptation. See, I know I could get stoned for this, but I wasn't as big a fan of Bridget Jones -- the books were alright, but the movie ... there were points where they just seemed to be trying to hard (and, lets face it, I'm not a Renee Zelweiger fan. I've tried. Believe me. But I just don't like her voice... or the fact that I can never see her eyes.....). This has good energy though, and while I don't yet like Darcy, really, at this point in the story, you're not supposed to. He's supposed to come off as an ass (Spoilers, I guess). And since the latest diary post, she's not sharing the letter except to say she was fundamentally wrong about the situation between Wickham and Darcy... well, I think that's entirely appropriate for the medium in which the story's being told.... ;) Too excited about this I guess, but, I really do love what they're doing here.