Monday, 3 December 2012

Scared Snotless

So, this is making the rounds right now:

I’d like to say I have something serious to say about this involving schadenfreude, but honestly I don’t know what to say. It kinda involves two of my wet-my-self level fears: a malfunctioning elevator and creepy “ghost” children.  

I don’t know about you, but the only chuckles I get from this are nervous titters, even knowing it’s a prank. More like heart pounding and whimpering in a corner.

I watched this waiting for someone to keel over from a heart attack. There are a couple of responses that were pretty close to what I’d have. But as my SO brought up: Why didn’t any one try to strike out? It’s very clear that there is a lot of fight-or-flight happening here, and since no one can get away (being that they’re locked in the elevator), it would seem that it was only a matter of time before someone lashes out instead of curling themselves in a small ball and screaming (or wetting themselves). He reminded me of the last time we went to a fun house/ haunted house and I ended up going toe-to-toe with the guy that jumped out at me wearing a werewolf mask.

I’ve given it some thought. Real ghosts (whether you believe in them or not) versus pranks, if you believe that what you’re seeing is … well... incorporeal, perhaps the fight or flight takes that into account. In a fun house or a haunted house where you’re paying to go in and get scared, you know you’re not really in any danger. You know that there are people behind the masks and the gore paint. You can “fight” because there’s someone to fight. But with something your mind has convinced you is isn’t solid or there or possible, what’s the point in lashing out. You can’t touch it, you can only get away. Add to that the fact that your elevator has just seemingly gone on the blink.... I think you get the picture.

Of course, this has never stopped me before from trying to pull something like this over on someone else. I love a good ghost story and I love scaring others with a properly told tale and a well timed sound or sight gag. It is more fun when you’re in on the scare than when you’re the one being scared.

What do you think?

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