Monday, 16 September 2013

Genn, I Owe You an Apology....

So... a while back, Genn tried to get me interested in a series of books that she was obsessed with.

And having confused one author for another I read the book, said it was good -- genuinely enjoyed it -- but refused to read any others. See, the other author I thought this one was was atrocious and I didn't want to get sucked into reading a series to find that a book or two into a run of 20-odd, I was miserable. (It's happened before. There was this fantasy series that up and broke my heart. Great first novel. Everything else went down hill from there... Not worth harping on, though, more than 10 years down the line. :( )

I had enough good reads in the queue, why go for something that I was sure would be a disappointment.

Well, because I was mistaken. And the author couldn't have been more different. And since giving the books a new try, I've been enjoying the hell out of them. Dare I call them... Awesomesauce?

So, I'll admit it. I've become obsessed with Sherrlyn Kenyon and her Dark-Hunter books. In the last few weeks I've read 8 and counting (I'm in the middle of an 9th, I have another 3? 4? on the shelf to go before I have to go looking for more... And this is mixed in with other books that I've been tearing through like there's no tomorrow.)

But this change of heart did not start in the last few weeks. Oh no. It started when Genn gave me the Nick series to read. Yep, the YA spin-off of the Dark-Hunter series, Genn got me started with those last winter.

I love characters with some sass and SK definitely delivers.

Some characters so far have been sassier than others.

Nick, for example, is friggin' sassy. It's part of why I love Serena and Tabitha.

It also helps that while all of the men of her world are bad boys who exude auras of evil (and this is the only point I tend to wobble on if only because how can they all be like that...) that they're all kind of sensitive and gooey at their core.... (and yet, aura of evil...?)

Like Cary Grant's delicious... what is that?

Nahh... forget the wobble. That's about as sexy as it gets. ;) Like a dark chocolate lava cake. Yummy. I'll suspend my disbelief for a little while longer. Especially when there's cake involved.

And the Cake is Not a Lie.

Genn. My humblest apologies.

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  1. Not to be ungracious, but CAKE would have gone a long way towards helping me accept this apology :)

    Also, you are welcome for the introduction to your new obsession :) And I actually got started reading her Dark Hunter books because of the YA spin off series as well. I also confused her with another writer and thought her adult series was going to be a big disappointment. It's not! Seriously.